Junk and Java

At this unique cafe, you can count on a selection of tasty pastries and coffee. While you wait for your latte, don’t forget to shop in their boutique and antique shop. Also do yourself a favor and grab one of their famous giant cookies. 

Petrified Forest National Monument

There is no place quite like the Petrified Forest. From taking a backcountry hike into newly opened areas of the park, to visiting the Paleontology Lab to observe fossil specimens, you can count on the visit being a delight.

Sipe White Mountain Wilderness Area

(SWMWA) offers a haven for hiking enthusiasts and wildlife and nature lovers. Choose from a variety of hiking trails ranging from accessible to moderate; each hike leads to wildlife-viewing points or unique sights.

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest sits just outside of Eagar and offers an escape for residents and visitors alike. Hike, camp, bike, take in the scenery, explore wildlife habitats and maybe spot some of the region’s world-class elk. 

Becker Lake Wildlife Area

Just two miles northwest in the Arizona White Mountains, this area boasts a variety of habitats in the surrounding region including a stream, riparian, lake, and grassland. Go boating, fishing, or experience the beauty of the outdoors. 

White Mountain Dinosaur Exploration Center

This unique destination is a great place to explore the wonder of paleontology. Bring the family along for an informative experience about dinosaurs that once roamed the planet. Enjoy a day of exploration with passionate and excited employees. 

El Rio Theater

While the original nostalgia is still present today at Arizona’s oldest theater, experience new movies  in an old-fashioned environment, complete with popcorn served from a machine that has been used since the theater’s opening in 1915.

Renee Cushman Cushman Art Collection Museum

This unique art collection is housed in the Springerville Heritage Center and belonged to Renee Scharf Cushman. Explore pieces acquired throughout her travels, gifts from wealthy husbands, and pieces inherited after her father passed away.