Heritage Sites

Many ancient cultures have been discovered in the Camp Verde area. From stone pueblos to preserved ruins and petroglyphs, Camp Verde’s multitude of Heritage sites provide an unparallelled look into the history and heritage of the region.

Historic Irrigation Ditches

Although not a common tourist attraction, the Camp Verde Irrigation Ditches are a treasured asset. Built in the late nineteenth century, each ditch is marked with a plaque and viewed with reverence for the water they continue to provide.

Camp Verde Historical Society Museum

Located in the Old Stone Schoolhouse in downtown Camp Verde, the Camp Verde Historical Society displays early pioneering exhibits along with a variety of photographs and artwork from past Camp Verde residents.

Historic Building Walking Tour

With more than thirteen historic sights within walking distance of the Camp Verde Historical Society, this manageable walk through downtown Camp Verde is filled with architectural and historical buildings and their stories of the past.

Fort Verde State Historic Park

Fort Verde State Historic Park is significant as the best surviving assemblage of Indian Wars era military architecture in the state. The Fort was an active primary military base during the Central Arizona Indian Wars.

Montezuma’s Castle

Once identified by President Theodore Roosevelt as a place “of the greatest ethnological value and scientific interest”, Montezuma’s Castle remains one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America.

Crusty’s Pizza

A popular favorite among locals and visitors alike, Crusty’s Pizza has everything from delicious breadsticks and wings to subs and salads. Stay to enjoy the Italian murals or call ahead and grab your order to-go.

Beto’s Corner

The best homemade beans, shredded beef tacos, churros, and horchata make Beto’s the go-to locals’ joint. Beto Ruiz’s original artwork brightens up the place, so you can enjoy a meal, local art, and support a Vietnam veteran at the same time.

Wingfield Bread Company

This location serves the finest selection of handcrafted bread in Arizona. Pick up a ground whole wheat cinnamon roll for breakfast or a loaf of sourdough for dinner. If a local bakery is what you seek, Wingfield Bread Company is for you!

Udderly Divine

Udderly Divine serves up something for everyone. From meatball subs dripping in homemade sauce to freshly baked pies and gourmet ice cream, Udderly Divine’s fare is made with love and care.