Skillets Cafe

Breakfast and lunch are sure to be a treat with tasty muffins, eggs, and meals for breakfast and equally delicious lunch options at Skillets Cafe. Their portions are famously huge, so we recommend bringing your appetite! 

Pepperjacks Of Chino Valley

This local alternative to fast-food chains serves up burgers, chili, fries, and all the eats you can dream of. With the welcoming Chino Valley excellence and delicious food, you’ll be wishing you had one of these joints in your hometown!

Lucy’s Bar & Grill

Lucy’s Bar & Grill is an excellent choice to enjoy a meal and refreshing drinks. With a full bar and the perfect atmosphere for fun, you have to treat yourself to a burger and fries, then play some pool with family and friends!

Jed’s Sandwich Shop

If you are looking for healthy and fresh eats in town look no further than this local sandwich shop. Take your pick between sandwiches, soup, salads, and of course treat yourself to seasonal cupcakes for dessert! Jed’s is also an excellent spot for catering meals and adorable cakes. 

Gabby’s Kitchen

Calling all breakfast lovers! Gabby’s Kitchen serves breakfast all day every day. Whether it’s your first meal of the day or brunch (yes, they have a lunch menu too!), there will be no doubt that this place is a complete delight.

El Charro Norte

El Charro Norte originally opened in Prescott, but their Chino Valley location does not disappoint. Chino Valley is all about tradition and El Charro Norte has been embracing and sharing that value through their family recipes and dining experiences.

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

While it might share a name with another beloved #RuralAZ community, this quaint spot stands on its own. With Tex Mex cuisine and specialty dishes like Chile Rellenos, you won’t regret stopping by this community gem. 

Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant

Arturo’s has been serving the Chino Valley community since 1995. Arturo and his team have dedicated themselves to offering impeccable service and a friendly place to enjoy his personal recipes.

Aroma Pizza

Many Aroma Pizza lovers say you haven’t had truly amazing pizza until you’ve hit this spot. Each of their pizzas are equally astounding and each additional recipe is enhanced with flavor. 

El Paraiso

This Italian and Mexican fusion restaurant is a newer addition to Chino Valley, but they’ve already been welcomed and embraced by the food-loving locals and visitors. The food is so good you’ll keep coming back for more!