The Avenue Hotel Bed & Breakfast

A B&B that embodies local history with all the family-style hospitality and homemade meals to perfect the experience. Bonus: Avenue Hotel Bed and Breakfast is pet friendly too!

Brewery & Nightlife

As the craft beer scene continues to boom, the border community of Douglas is a perfect place to cultivate unique flavors from a bi-national lens (and palette). Additionally, a nice place to congregate for a happy hour would be more than welcomed by Douglas’ young professionals. 

Italian Restaurant

If you’ve visited Douglas, you have seen that food is a definite area of pride for this community. But with so many delicious options for authentic Mexican food, many of the locals are crying out for a great Italian meal. If pasta, pizza and vino are a specialty of yours, this is a community that would love a taste of Italia. 

Health Care

There are very few healthcare services provided in the area, but two highly identified needs include an OBGYN and mental health practitioners. In a community still thriving with young families, yet somewhat isolated from the rest of the state, these two areas of focus would greatly improve the overall health of this community.

Ice Cream Shop

As you walk through the Douglas community, one of the highlights you’ll see are the kids playing happily on the playground at the local school. With an emphasis on community events and connection, the children of Douglas would love to have a local place to go and enjoy an ice cream cone with their friends and family.


Ranching is still a big part of life in Douglas as is an emphasis on family (and family pets). Residents have to travel miles to access veterinarian services, which can be a dire circumstance. Bringing these services to this community would be a welcomed opportunity for all who live here – especially the ones on four legs. 

“El Chapo” Guzman’s Tunnel

In 2016, notorious Cartel member El Chapo Guzman escaped from prison through an underground tunnel below his jail cell. See the entrance to the tunnel that set the stage for one of the best-kept secrets underground.

Wall of Faces – Veterans Commemoration Project

Curated by Ginny Jordan and Hector Leon to honor Vietnam veterans across the country. The Wall of Faces includes photographs, letters, stories, and memorabilia from more than 500 Douglas men and women, who served in the Vietnam War.

The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre opened in 1919. Originally, it housed a Tea Room, a candy store, and a barbershop. It was the site of many live stage productions, movies, and Douglas High School graduations. 

Historic Gadsden Hotel

A national treasure, the history of the Gadsden is almost as grand as its lobby, which includes a white, marble staircase and 42ft Tiffany-inspired glass mural. As a hidden secret, ask about the Rathskeller!