Coffee Shop/Bakery

Every community needs a hub for local connection and business activity. A coffee shop and bakery with regular hours, wi-fi and comfortable seating would provide an important ‘place’ for those that get their mornings started early. 


ASU performed a study in the area and identified this need, saying, “a drive-in theatre can attract people of all ages in the community and serve as a gathering place where community can develop in a unique and entertaining environment”. 

Recreation/Outdoor Store

Greenlee County provides a multitude of outdoor recreational experiences including tubing, rafting, kayaking, and cycling.For those that visit to enjoy the surrounding land, there is a need for a recreational supply and/or repair shop. 

Specialty Food Market

Although the towns in Greenlee County are rural, many of the residents have relocated from urban areas and are seeking clean, organic and specialty foods that are not currently available in local markets that would cater to all families.


The County supports a booming mining industry, but struggles to provide housing or lodging to new residents and visitors. With affordable land, a variety of vacant buildings and an astounding waitlist provides opportunity for improvement.