Local Lodging

Kingman is full of visitors attracted to the community’s many assets, but it is always helpful to have local lodging options as unique and welcoming as the community. Locals would happily recommend local lodging options to visitors. 

Rickshaw/Downtown Transportation

Downtown is bustling with tourists who don’t realize the sheer amount of local shops, breweries, restaurants, and galleries to explore. A bike taxi or electric scooter company is a perfect solution to experiential transportation in the area.  

ATV Rental / Tours

As a major tourist destination and locally loved city, new recreation opportunities and ways to enjoy the vast outdoor beauty are a priority. An ATV Rentals and/or tour company could thrive in helping locals and visitors explore the region. 

Dry Cleaner

With a wide variety of white-collar and public service jobs in and around Kingman, there is high demand for dry cleaning and laundry services. Locals would line up to support a dry cleaning operation in the vastly growing community.  

Art Supply/Hobby Store

Full of artistic shops, galleries, and creative locals no community plans more parties and events than Kingman.  An art supply store is needed to meet all the community’s creative supplies, party favors, and DIY crafts needs.