Meeting space/event center

Meeting space/event center: As close as the Sahuarita and Green Valley communities are, they agree that they need a place to congregate and hold events. They would gladly welcome a meeting space or event center to hold community events and gather as locals. 


Locals have spoken and they’d love a complete spa experience nearby. Sauna, hot tubs, spa packages and any other amenities a small business could offer to bring some added relaxation to the community. 

Thai Restaurant

While there’s no shortage of delicious restaurants in Sahuarita and Green Valley, they did mention that a Thai restaurant would receive a warm welcome!


With so many activities to explore throughout the community, locals have mentioned how well a hotel or resort would do, especially one with a golf course! 

Tech Industry Startups

Sahuarita is looking to redefine itself as a hub for startups in the Tech Industry. With all the amenities of a large community, homes to buy, and a welcoming business community; it’s a great place for business.