Annual Events

Tradition in Clarkdale includes a year-round calendar of popular annual events. Be sure to check what’s happening during the season of your visit.

Bank Robbery Historical Reenactment

 Perhaps the most famous historic legend of Clarkdale is the 1928 Bank Robbery. A wild shootout occurred, but who fired the fatal shot? Each year, local community members transition into characters of the past to reenact this historic event.

Historic Home Tour

Each year the Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum hosts a tour of company houses, built by the United Verde Copper Co. between 1913 and 1930. Locals open up their historic homes and buildings for a guided experience of the town’s history.

Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum

The Clarkdale Historical Society & Museum is dedicated to preserving Clarkdale’s spirit and has preserved remarkable archives from throughout the town’s rich history. They also host free monthly public tours of the Clark Memorial Clubhouse.