Mares Bluff Veteran’s Memorial

Home to “America’s Long Walk for Freedom” hiking trail with a 300’ steep climb which leads to a scenic overlook of South Clifton. This trail honors all US armed forces veterans with many who visit considering it a “place of healing”.

Train Station & Visitors Center

The Clifton Visitor Center should be your first stop for information all about Greenlee. Located in a historic train depot, volunteers will guide you on places to see, things to do and help you make the most of your time in Greenlee.

Greenlee County Historical Museum

This Historical Society is dedicated to the preservation of historic and cultural resources. The building is an artifact in itself – built in 1913. Stop by on select days and get to know the people and their achievements of the past years.

Clifton Cliff Jail

The locomotive of the Coronado Railroad now sits next to the Clifton Cliff Jail. The Jail was blasted from solid rock and built into the side of the cliff in 1881. Visitors can enter to experience the conditions of justice of the old west.

Copperhead Train

“Copperhead,” was the first baby-gauge locomotive to arrive in AZ from 1897-1922. After being rebuilt from parts of engines, the locomotive was put on display at the Clifton Plaza in 1937 and can be seen in front of Clifton’s Cliff Jail.

No. 5 Baby Gauge Locomotive

This machine represented the cutting edge of mining technology in the late 19th century. When the mine shut down in 1923, it was stranded for 67 years. The “No. 5” was eventually put on display in the Morenci Plaza on January 18, 1991.