Holbrook Historic Walking Tour

Get details on this self-guided tour at the Navajo County Historic Courthouse Museum. Walk through streets with a storied past, from the Old West tales to nostalgic Route 66 adventures.

Holbrook Cemetery

Explore the hallowed grounds of Holbrook Cemetery, a place where stories of the past rest peacefully.

Bucket of Blood Street

The Old West comes to life along Bucket of Blood Street, the site of a gunfight where legend has it enough blood to, yep, fill a bucket drenched the floor.

Old West Fest Event

Saddle up for excitement at Old West Fest, a celebration that transports you to the days of saloons, showdowns, and the untamed spirit of the frontier. Enjoy food trucks, reenactments, junior rodeo and so much more.

Rainbow Forest Museum

Seeking natural history sights? Don’t miss the Rainbow Forest Museum’s vibrant hues of petrified wood and paleontological exhibits of prehistoric animals. Plus you’ll find the access point to the Giant Logs trail here.

Painted Desert Inn – National Historic Landmark

Marvel at the architectural wonder that is the Painted Desert Inn, a national historic landmark nestled in the heart of the awe-inspiring Painted Desert. The 1930s adobe facade houses historical displays and restored murals by a Hopi artist.

Navajo County Historic Courthouse Museum

The rich heritage of the county’s peoples, including settlers, ranchers, homemakers, and mercantile proprietors, is told through exhibits and artifacts at this special museum.

Hashknife Pony Express Event

Every year, the spirit of the Wild West is reignited at this event, the oldest officially sanctioned Pony Express in the world. The thrilling reenactment of the iconic mail delivery system starts in historic Holbrook.