Camp Bouse

Parker locals often refer to the Bouse World War II Training Camp as one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets. The top-secret camp was home to the revolutionary Gizmo Tanks that would blind enemy troops on the battlegrounds. 

Colorado River Indian Tribes Film Series By Jux Films

Listen to rare stories from elders and storytellers about the Mohave, Hopi, Chemehuevi, and Navajo tribes. The films explore a number of topics including reservation origins, community issues, and celebrates the diverse culture.

Poston Monument

Parker was once the temporary home to over 17,000 Japanese Americans that were interned during World War II. Today the Poston Monument serves as a memorial to the resilient Americans who were forcibly removed from their homes.

Colorado River Indian Tribes Library & Archives

The CRIT library was developed in 1958 to give CRIT tribal members access to educational materials. It quickly became a space to learn about CRIT culture and an expansive collection of archives. 

Oldest Ford Dealership (Beaver Family)

The one and only Ford Dealership, or Parker Motor Sports, has been around for over 100 years. The business has been run by the Beaver family for generations.

Parker Area Historical Society

The Parker Historical Society, formerly the Save The Jail Committee, is dedicated to collecting, preserving, and presenting the multi-cultural history of the Parker community and surrounding communities.