Casa Malpais Archaeological Site

This unique area offers an inside look into the region’s historical habitants. Schedule a guided tour to get in-depth information about the site, learn about the astronomical calendar, a great kiva, ancient stairways, and more.

Madonna of the Trail

Springerville is home to one of the 12 Madonna of the Trail statues scattered throughout the nation that represents the spirit of pioneer women and offers a unique glimpse into their lives and the obstacles they had to overcome. 

White Mountain Historical Park

One of this community’s most charming qualities is its ability to preserve history and tell stories of the area. The White Mountain Historical Society offers a combination of knowledge, belongings, artifacts, pictures, and buildings.

Springerville Heritage Center

The Springerville Heritage Center features four museums: Casa Malpais Archaeological Museum, The Renee Cushman Museum, and the Becker Family History Museum, and the White Mountain Historical Society Museum. Be sure to visit them all!