Skylark Courtyard

Look closely, or you’ll miss it! Make sure to make a pit stop by the smallest church on Route 66, also known as Tiny Church of the Mother Road, in Skylark Courtyard on your stroll through Main Street.

9-11 Memorial Garden

This memorial is dedicated to the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. This memorial features beams from the actual wreckage of the towers.

Visitor Center & Historic Hubble Trading Post

Once a famous trading post, this historic building now serves as a visitor center on weekdays where you can stop by and meet a friendly group that can help you find what you’re looking for!

Winslow Public Library

Any history lover wanting to take a deep dive into Winslow, Route 66, or Southwest history must visit the Winslow Public Library. They feature expansive collections, informative resources, and offer various community events.   

Homolovi State Park

This historical park offers breathtaking views along four hiking trails and features archaeological sites dating back to 620 A.D. It was named by the Hopi as “Place of the Little Hills”, and represents a significant ancestral monument.

Old Trails Museum

This museum offers free exhibits and public programs for visitors and residents. Enjoy the opportunity to get a full view of regional history and learn about the Santa Fe Railway, Route 66, and  local culture through a series of exhibits. 

First Street Pathway Park

The First Street Pathway is one of Winslow’s newer attractions. What one will find is a five city block long winding walkway. Along the path there are historic and cultural installations that highlight the City of Winslow’s diverse lifestyle. Highlights include…Railroad, Route 66, Art Cars, Native American, Ranching, and more. It’s a lovely stroll enjoyed by both, our visitors and local population.

Rock Art Canyon Ranch

Looking for an in-depth and personalized experience? Look no further. Brantley Baird, your guide and ranch extraordinaire will show you around this remarkable spot. Explore historic petroglyphs, and  pottery while learning about the region.