Wigwam Motel

Step back in time and experience the nostalgia of the iconic Wigwam Motel, where classic Route 66 hospitality meets quirky charm, offering a one-of-a-kind lodging experience in Holbrook.

The White Buffalo Casita

Indulge in a stay at The White Buffalo Casita, a fully stocked apartment for travelers needing a home base as they explore Holbrook.

OK RV Park

Park your worries and enjoy a relaxing stay at OK RV Park, where comfort and convenience meet, providing a well-equipped haven for RV enthusiasts passing through Holbrook. Pets welcome!

Gateway to the Petrified Forest RV Park

Find your base camp for adventure at the Gateway to the Petrified Forest RV Park, a convenient haven for travelers eager to explore the natural wonders of the park.


Experience the Western flair of the Bunkhouse, where cowboys bunked in the 1940s when the property was a working ranch. Rustic charm and comfortable stays abound!

Brad’s Desert Inn

Craving an authentic experience right on the Mother Road? Brad’s Desert Inn provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in Route 66 all while providing world-class customer service.

The Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest offers a cozy retreat with a bird’s eye view of the Town of Holbrook, providing a comfortable haven for travelers seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere.