Whetstone Mountains

The Coronado National Forest near Benson is home to the Whetstone Mountains. The range is known for the stunning views of its highest point, Apache Peak!

Benson City Park

Benson City Park is equipped with parks, fields, ramadas, and of course a community pool. The park is a great place to throw a party or gather for a game of soccer and baseball at an affordable price.

Guindani Loop Trail

This loop offers views of the stunning Kartchner Caverns State Park. The loop is just right for hikers looking to enjoy the scenery and spot wildlife. Previous hikers recommend going counterclockwise at the trailhead for the best views.

San Pedro Golf Course

The City of Benson owns and operates a public golf course famous for a unique “river-wilderness” terrain. This accessible, unique, affordable golf haven has a full list of events to enjoy. Also, enjoy the Benson City Grille at this course! 

Butterfield RV Resort & Observatory

Looking to enjoy Benson’s night sky? Consider visiting this RV resort and observatory. Ask about their nightly star shows and resident astronomers. Learn about the observatory, the night sky and enjoy some laughs with the humorous experts.

Forever Home Donkey Rescue

Interested in touring a donkey rescue? Go visit/interact with them! You can even spot them at community events like local races, visiting nursing homes and even parades! Donations to the nonprofit go directly to care for the residents.

Double R Ranch

This team of locals are passionate about maintaining and sharing their traditions and western lifestyle. With exceptional and scenic horseback riding tours for individuals at varying levels, these professionals will tailor every experience.  

Kartchner Cavern State Park

This Southern AZ cave is a haven for curious tourists, those with passion for ecology or geology, outdoor enthusiasts and bats! Take advantage of this preserved cave and other activities like camping, night sky watching, hiking and more!