Prescott National Forest

The Chino Valley Ranger District is famous for its beauty, peaceful environment, and truly authentic recreation experience. Visitors can leave behind all elements of day-to-day life and explore beautiful places like Camp Wood and Emerald Glade. 

Chino Valley Aquatic Center (Community Center Park)

This safe and fun family-oriented community center is a great place to enjoy Arizona summers under the sun. There are plenty of activities for the entire family, swim classes, and dollar family days too! 

Chino Valley Equestrian Park

If you are passionate about recreational or competitive horsemanship, you will enjoy the Chino Valley Equestrian Park run by a committed group of locals that maintain the grounds and even put on fun events for their fellow equestrian lovers.  

Compass Training Center

This small business put Chino Valley on the map for gun training and gun range aficionados around the country. With over 40 acres full of activities that will challenge even the most experienced marksman will enjoy. 

Verde River Swimming Holes

If there is one thing that unites our rural Northern Arizona communities, it is their love for the Verde River. Chino Valley locals can often be spotted at the swimming holes hidden near the scenic community!

Peavine Trail

This beloved trail spans from Prescott Valley and has recently expanded South into the Chino Valley. Grab your hiking boots or your mountain bike and enjoy the stunning Chino Valley hills and scenery.

Perkinsville Road

This wildly scenic road is a mecca for off-roading, camping, and hiking opportunities featuring a path to Perkinsville Bridge, the most reliable crossing over the Verde River with a nearby picnicking area and a charming rope swing into the river.