Petrified Forest National Park

Nestled between Navajo and Apache County, your trip isn’t complete without stopping by Petrified Forest National Park. Be awestruck by the unique views of petrified wood, an ancient village, and petroglyphs as you journey through the park that hosts evidence of thousands of years of history.

Jacks Canyon

During your Winslow adventure, make a stop by Jack’s canyon where you can overlook the canyon bustling with native plants and critters. You can camp, hike, or just be entranced by the stunning backdrop.

Clear Creek Rentals

Don’t have a kayak or a SUP board? This local business has you covered. Rent some fun water equipment to enhance your trip to Winslow’s Clear Creek. Check out their website for more information when planning your trip. 

Little Painted Desert County Park

Looking for a perfect view of the Painted Desert? This is your spot! While it might be slightly off the beaten path, it offers incredible views of this monumental sight.

McHood Park Clear Creek Reservoir

Clear Creek is a true oasis for outdoor enthusiasts looking to kayak, swim, and enjoy the serene spot. Pack a picnic from a local eatery and spend the day exploring one of the Winslow community’s favorite treasures. 

Meteor Crater

Winslow is perfectly located near the Meteor Crater.  Not only will visitors love checking out the incredibly preserved site, but also can also have an educational 4D theater experience at Meteor Crater Discovery Center.

Homolovi State Park

This historical park offers breathtaking views along four hiking trails and features archaeological sites dating back to 620 A.D. It was named by the Hopi as “Place of the Little Hills”, and represents a significant ancestral monument.