Canoa Ranch Golf Resort

With exceptional amenities, professional golf courses, and comfortable accommodations, this Arizona resort is the vacation destination you’ve always dreamed about. Enjoy a relaxing day by the pool or set out on a birdwatching or hiking adventure. Discover their specials today and treat yourself to an amazing getaway in Green Valley.

Santa Rita Lodge

As the city of Tucson grew, Madera Canyon, formerly Whitehouse Canyon, became an escape from the summer heat in the valley. By the 1900s, summer cottages and year-round residents called the canyon home. Today, Madera Canyon continues to be a unique natural resource for birders, hikers, picnickers, artists, photographers, researchers and nature lovers alike.

Meeting space/event center

Meeting space/event center: As close as the Sahuarita and Green Valley communities are, they agree that they need a place to congregate and hold events. They would gladly welcome a meeting space or event center to hold community events and gather as locals. 


Locals have spoken and they’d love a complete spa experience nearby. Sauna, hot tubs, spa packages and any other amenities a small business could offer to bring some added relaxation to the community. 

Thai Restaurant

While there’s no shortage of delicious restaurants in Sahuarita and Green Valley, they did mention that a Thai restaurant would receive a warm welcome!


With so many activities to explore throughout the community, locals have mentioned how well a hotel or resort would do, especially one with a golf course! 

Tech Industry Startups

Sahuarita is looking to redefine itself as a hub for startups in the Tech Industry. With all the amenities of a large community, homes to buy, and a welcoming business community; it’s a great place for business.

Titan Missile Museum

This museum is an incredible place to learn about U.S. history during the Cold War era. Guided tours include an immersive visit to an underground missile complex and a simulated experience.

Green Valley Pecan Company: Natural and Organic Pecans

The land on which the Green Valley Pecan Company began boasts a history as deep and rich as the soil that produces some of the finest pecans in the world. This expanse of fertile land in the Santa Cruz Valley, just south of Tucson, Arizona, belonged to captains of industry and crowned heads of state before being acquired by R. Keith Walden in 1948. The farm remains in the Walden family to this day.

Historic Hacienda de la Canoa

Make a reservation for a guided tour of this historic ranch and learn about the local history of the Canoa ranching community. Pima County restored this historic site. Their efforts and passionate volunteers make each visit truly memorable.