Arizona Sunset Inn & Suites

Greg and Stacey Hancock have dedicated themselves to providing the perfect stay for anyone exploring Willcox. The Arizona Sunset Inn offers incredible rates, a beautiful landscape, and all the amenities needed to enhance your visit. 

Indie Motorsports Ranch

A motorsports enthusiast’s dream, Inde Motorsports features an adrenalin-pumping track and a 75,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility featuring freshly prepared gourmet meals from an in-house private chef and luxury trackside casita rentals.

Muleshoe Ranch Cooperative Management Area

This unique wildlife preserve is a wonderful mix of public and private land offering a place to hike and camp while protecting the natural ecosystem. Special amenities like natural hot spring tubs are available to The Nature Conservancy members.

Playa Wildlife Area

The last remnants of an ancient lakebed spread over 80 square miles, the Playa Wildlife Area is now a haven for a huge variety of wildlife attracted to its unique ecosystems, like cranes, ducks, and other birds.

Cochise Lake/Playa Wildlife Area

Identified as an Important Birding Area by the State of Arizona, Cochise Lake is a great destination within the Playa Wildlife Area for avid birders to find a peaceful escape and spot a variety of species as they migrate every winter.

Apple Annie’s Orchard

Stop by this fun business with friends and family to pick your own seasonal produce and check out their Country Store where you’ll find a bakery with sweet treats, a unique gift shop, or a bite to eat during your Willcox adventure. 

Chiricahua National Monument

Over 27 million years ago a massive volcano erupted, leaving behind endless acres of otherworldly rock formations and pinnacles – creating a breathtaking site for anyone that is willing to explore it. 

Isabel’s South of the Border

Always on the lookout for authentic Mexican cuisine? Isabel’s South of the Border has you covered. Whether it’s comfort food or hard-to-find dishes like Menudo and traditionally prepared seafood, you’ll find exactly what you’ve been craving here. 

Coronado Vineyards

This tasting room not only offers great wines but also a welcoming environment and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that will definitely enhance your experience. Enjoy the atmosphere, the wine, and of course a tasty appetizer.

Double S Steakhouse

Nobody loves Willcox more than the owners of Double S Steakhouse – combining their love for local food with their passion for cooking to create a unique dining experience. Good luck choosing between the soup of the day, tacos, or the steak!