Greenlee County Golf & Country Club Lounge

Located in York Valley, the Greenlee County Golf & Country Club is open 5 days/week, Tues-Sat and offers a full bar and diverse American menu. Membership is not required and the clubhouse atmosphere is comfortable and clean.

R&R Pizza

A local place, often used for delivery but offering pizza, wings and a salad bar along with a friendly staff. Try something different with their teriyaki wings or one of their pizzas and you’re sure to have a fulfilling meal. 

Single Jack Restaurant

Just ask for the Big Rig – a hidden item not on the menu but the meal you were looking for that you didn’t know could exist for the price. The Single Jack Restaurant is attached to the Morenci Motel and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

El Corralito

El Corralito provides a friendly atmosphere with a wide variety of Italian and Mexican cuisine and is the place to stop for a calzone with a glass of beer or wine when in the area. 

The Ranch House

Looking for a meat and potatoes kind of meal? The Ranch House is the place to stop for ribs, wings and of course, steak along with a full menu filled with American fare options and a bar

PJ’s Cafe

This little restaurant has amazingly good food and a very friendly atmosphere. A few of the often mentioned highlights here include their homemade pies, anything with gravy including their chicken fried steak and their enchiladas.

The Miner’s Diner & Bar

A local favorite and now run by the original wait staff, The Miner’s diner serves up a Mexican-American menu with a separate bar next door so you can get a drink with dinner. Come in for a game of billiards or to catch the latest game!

Los Mendoza Taco Shop

Los Mendoza has a cool, retro vibe providing mostly take-out authentic Mexican tacos, burritos and more. Try their carne asada fries and anything with their fresh and delicious pico de gallo.

Michelle’s Bar & Grill

The friendly staff welcomes you into this lively haunt, clearly a favorite of the locals. Michelle’s offers a good variety of craft beers along with a diverse menu of Mexican cuisine and pub food, all with a spicy twist.