Palomino Club

Everything just seems to be loaded at Chubby’s Cheesesteaks. From loaded cheesesteaks, aka chubby, sandwiches, to loaded fries, and employees that are loaded with hospitality skills to enhance your experience.

Bedoian’s Bakery & Bistro

Does this small town have the best baklava in the state? We’ve heard as much and you can find it in Wickenburg’s very own Bedoian’s Bakery & Bistro! Don’t shy away from their expansive menu full of Mediterranean and Eastern European dishes.

Jake’s Spoon

Don’t let this restaurant’s location throw you off! While this spot is located in the gated community known as Wickenburg Ranch, their restaurant is open to all and their food might just make you want to stay for good.

Onery Hog BBQ

Wickenburg is full of local restaurants that you just can’t miss, and their local barbecue spot stands out as a favorite. Their perfectly smoked meats and amazing sauces that pair perfectly, will keep you coming back for more.

Spurs Cafe

While you might have to wait a while for a seat at this bustling restaurant, you’ll find that their breakfast and lunch experiences, helpful staff, and delicious meals are always worth the wait!

Rancho Bar 7

Located near Old Town and full of cowboy cooking goodness, this spot lives true to the Wickenburg way of life. Known for being the oldest running restaurant and bar in town, and loved for their chops, burgers, and steak, you can’t miss this treat!

Cary’s Pizza

Enjoying Wickenburg with family or a big group? Cary’s pizzas are larger than life and get tastier with every bite that you just can’t help but love, making this homestyle restaurant a perfect place to eat. 

Anita’s Cocina

Many Wickenburg travelers and locals are drawn in by the colorful atmosphere and scent of authentic Mexican cuisine. Dine on all of your favorites and of course enjoy the option to take some goodness home.

Qorris Restaurant

Pizza and Italian just always sound good when you’re on the road, and Qorris offers great food to satisfy your craving. With fresh ingredients and both gluten free and vegetarian options, you just can’t go wrong with a meal here. 

Lydia’s La Canasta

If you love good prices and good food, then you just have to stop by Lydia’s. With great options to choose from and the ability to get your food to go, we’d add this to your perfect stop for a quick bite!