Chino Valley

Situated just northwest of Prescott and surrounded by high, sandy-colored Chino Gama Grasses and rolling hills, Chino Valley is a place where people come to escape the big-city lifestyle and never look back. From anywhere in Chino Valley, you can look up at the sky at night and see brilliant constellations and bright stars, and with so much wide open space, it's not unusual to see locals riding out on horseback to enjoy and explore all that the high desert has to offer. Many new residents and visitors find that they ask themselves, “Can this place be real?”

Chino Valley is home to generations of history that thrive within the region today. Once the Territorial Capital of Arizona, this former temporary settlement became the start of a prosperous community full of ranchers and farmers. These founding roots remain embedded in the culture and heritage of Chino Valley to this day. Even with new growth, the small-town family feel that the community embraces and loves remains the same. Whether your family has lived in Chino Valley for many years or if you have lived in the community for a month, you will always feel a sense of support knowing that everyone helps everyone in Chino Valley.

This quiet, slow-paced community is a place where people learn how and love to relax without the conveniences of city life. Surrounding hiking trails, swimming holes, and secret spots that only locals know offer endless opportunities for any outdoor enthusiast. And you can’t talk about Chino Valley without mentioning the water - don’t forget your 5-gallon water jug during your next visit to fill up with the freshest Arizona water you have ever tasted! The promise of sipping iced tea with neighbors and family on a front porch leaves one pining to return home to Chino Valley, the most friendly place on the prairie.

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Arts & Culture (Recommended up to 2)

Family and culture inspired by the regional scenery are both at the forefront of the Chino Valley community. With neat small businesses created just for people with diverse interests, you won’t regret exploring this community.

Whether you are into Pokemon, Star Wars Legion, or Marvel Crisis, this family-owned business likely has you covered! A one-stop shop for local gaming needs, Alpha Fortress Games brings gamers of all ages together weekly for events.

Alpha Fortress Games

If you are a small-town boutique lover, you won’t want to miss Amber Ivy. This shop is full of fabulous outfits, accessories, home decor, and trinkets; get your Chino Valley fashion fix on a friendly budget.

Amber Ivy Clothing Boutique

Local poets and artists inspired by their cowboy lifestyle, history, and culture come together for an annual celebration to share their work. Check out their website for a sneak peek of their next event and featured poets. 

Arizona Cowboy Poets Gathering

Chino Valley locals with a passion for quilting have come together to celebrate their hobbies, their community, and share educational opportunities, compete in fun quilting challenges, put on local events, and volunteer for different causes. 

Chino Valley Quilters

Get to know the talented artists throughout Chino Valley, Prescott, Paulden, and surrounding communities who have a passion for creating art with different mediums including woodworking, ceramics, jewelry, glass, acrylic painting, and more!

Regional Studio Tours

History, Heritage, & Tradition (Recommended up to 4)

Many Chino Valley locals have strived to keep the local history alive. As the first capital of the state and a history that dates back to Arizona’s earliest days, there is no shortage of historic stories and landmarks to explore.

A group of locals took it upon themselves to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11 with a memorial sculpture located in a local shooting facility that will soon feature engraved paver bricks, seating benches, and engraved dedication plaques. 

9/11 Memorial

If you are interested in learning more about Chino Valley’s history don’t miss the opportunity to check out the work of the Chino Valley Historical Society and learn everything there is to know about this one-of-a-kind community.

Chino Valley Historical Society

Chino Valley began as Del Rio Springs, a popular place to lay roots as Arizona was declared an American Territory in 1864 thanks to its lush landscape, agricultural traditions, and water source, Del Rio, eventually renamed the Verde River.

Del Rio Springs

Known as an outdoor recreation area running from Ash Fork into Phoenix, the  F.P.& P. Railroad (nicknamed "The Peavine Trail") was built in the early 1890s to provide an alternative to the poorly constructed Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad.

Peavine Railroad

Wine & Dine (Recommended up to 4)

There are so many dining options to enjoy in the Chino Valley. Whether you venture into farm-to-table restaurants that celebrate the Chino Valley agricultural roots or explore the small-town brewery that makes beer with the famous Chino Valley water for a unique flavor; you are in for quite a few delectable treats.

Many Aroma Pizza lovers say you haven’t had truly amazing pizza until you’ve hit this spot. Each of their pizzas are equally astounding and each additional recipe is enhanced with flavor. 

Aroma Pizza

Arturo’s has been serving the Chino Valley community since 1995. Arturo and his team have dedicated themselves to offering impeccable service and a friendly place to enjoy his personal recipes.

Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant

While it might share a name with another beloved #RuralAZ community, this quaint spot stands on its own. With Tex Mex cuisine and specialty dishes like Chile Rellenos, you won’t regret stopping by this community gem. 

Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

El Charro Norte originally opened in Prescott, but their Chino Valley location does not disappoint. Chino Valley is all about tradition and El Charro Norte has been embracing and sharing that value through their family recipes and dining experiences.

El Charro Norte

This Italian and Mexican fusion restaurant is a newer addition to Chino Valley, but they’ve already been welcomed and embraced by the food-loving locals and visitors. The food is so good you’ll keep coming back for more!

El Paraiso

If you like keeping it light and healthy, we suggest you check out Essence Kitchen & Bar. With one-of-a-kind salads paired with perfectly unique dressings and sauces; this place is a truly perfect place to grab a bite to eat. 

Essence Kitchen & Bar

Calling all breakfast lovers! Gabby’s Kitchen serves breakfast all day every day. Whether it’s your first meal of the day or brunch (yes, they have a lunch menu too!), there will be no doubt that this place is a complete delight.

Gabby’s Kitchen

Notorious for its use of Chino Valley water, this renowned and beloved brewery complements its local beers with a menu of classic pub-style recipes that we know and love as well as specials like the occasional cinnamon roll for Sunday brunch.

Insurgent Brewing Company

If you are looking for healthy and fresh eats in town look no further than this local sandwich shop. Take your pick between sandwiches, soup, salads, and of course treat yourself to seasonal cupcakes for dessert! Jed’s is also an excellent spot for catering meals and adorable cakes. 

Jed’s Sandwich Shop

Lucy’s Bar & Grill is an excellent choice to enjoy a meal and refreshing drinks. With a full bar and the perfect atmosphere for fun, you have to treat yourself to a burger and fries, then play some pool with family and friends!

Lucy’s Bar & Grill

Faith is a big part of the Chino Valley community and this ice cream and coffee shop run by the Word of Life Assembly and Kingdom Youth Culture Group is a shining example with friendly and knowledgeable staff to boot.  

Overflow Coffee

This local alternative to fast-food chains serves up burgers, chili, fries, and all the eats you can dream of. With the welcoming Chino Valley excellence and delicious food, you’ll be wishing you had one of these joints in your hometown!

Pepperjacks Of Chino Valley

Breakfast and lunch are sure to be a treat with tasty muffins, eggs, and meals for breakfast and equally delicious lunch options at Skillets Cafe. Their portions are famously huge, so we recommend bringing your appetite! 

Skillets Cafe

Taco Corner’s owner and local chef Martha always delivers an excellent experience and even better food. Her Menudo recipe is one of a kind and will keep you wanting more. 

Taco Corner

Known for creating authentic Thai dishes that perfectly satisfy every guest’s need for something delicious and incredibly friendly service, locals absolutely adore this restaurant and highly recommend the Red Curry!

Thai Spot

It wouldn’t be a Chino Valley getaway if you didn’t make time for Up in Smoke'ssliders and sides!

Up in Smoke's BBQ

Get the most out of your Chino Valley experience. Sip wine at the romantic Granite Creek Vineyards - take in views of the rugged granite peaks and rolling hills, bask in the perfect Chino Valley weather, and enjoy live local music on Saturdays. 

Winey Cats at Granite Creek Vineyards

Outdoor Sports & Recreation (Recommended up to 2)

Chino Valley’s perfectly mild climate and scenic environment make it the ideal place to enjoy outdoor activities. From scenic roads and an abundance of youth sports to serene forests and even equestrian, shooting ranges, and aquatic complexes; you’ll want to make time for each of these small-town treasures.

This safe and fun family-oriented community center is a great place to enjoy Arizona summers under the sun. There are plenty of activities for the entire family, swim classes, and dollar family days too! 

Chino Valley Aquatic Center (Community Center Park)

If you are passionate about recreational or competitive horsemanship, you will enjoy the Chino Valley Equestrian Park run by a committed group of locals that maintain the grounds and even put on fun events for their fellow equestrian lovers.  

Chino Valley Equestrian Park

This small business put Chino Valley on the map for gun training and gun range aficionados around the country. With over 40 acres full of activities that will challenge even the most experienced marksman will enjoy. 

Compass Training Center

This beloved trail spans from Prescott Valley and has recently expanded South into the Chino Valley. Grab your hiking boots or your mountain bike and enjoy the stunning Chino Valley hills and scenery.

Peavine Trail

This wildly scenic road is a mecca for off-roading, camping, and hiking opportunities featuring a path to Perkinsville Bridge, the most reliable crossing over the Verde River with a nearby picnicking area and a charming rope swing into the river.

Perkinsville Road

The Chino Valley Ranger District is famous for its beauty, peaceful environment, and truly authentic recreation experience. Visitors can leave behind all elements of day-to-day life and explore beautiful places like Camp Wood and Emerald Glade. 

Prescott National Forest

If there is one thing that unites our rural Northern Arizona communities, it is their love for the Verde River. Chino Valley locals can often be spotted at the swimming holes hidden near the scenic community!

Verde River Swimming Holes

Local Lodging (Recommended up to 2)

While Chino Valley could definitely use some additional local lodging options, its current options are as charming as they are modern. Book your stay today.

Primrose Inn & Suites isn’t just a wonderful farmhouse-industrial-designed lodging spot with a rich history, but it is also a relaxing, scenic, and casual wedding and event venue - ideal for a laid-back couple looking to share their love. 

Primrose Inn & Suites

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