Copper Corridor

Carved out just below Arizona’s horizontal divide, the Copper Corridor encompasses a series of small towns unified by a history rich in mining along with a desire to evolve.  A journey through this region may start in Superior, where antique shops and cafes line downtown with a breathtaking backdrop of rocky terrain that frames the town. Upon departing Superior, a scenic drive begins with one of the few 10% declines in the state; a stretch of road the locals fondly refer to as ‘The Divide’. The Ray Mine sits quietly with mountains of tailings left behind embodying the magnitude of sweat and tears that have been poured into the heart of Arizona’s Copper core. 

The towns of Kearny, Hayden and Winkelman each uphold their own unique personalities and hold fast as communities built on grit and gratitude. With Mount Lemmon nearby and the metropolis of Tucson off in the distance, Oracle touts a small but mighty community of just over 4,000 where art, food, music, and soul have carved out a unique, secret destination. Just down the path, tucked into a hidden cul-de-sac, sits San Manuel. With unmatched sunsets and wide open recreation, San Manuel is a place where an open mind will absolutely lead to inspiration and relaxation.

Circling back up the Corridor into Globe, encounter some of the most historic (and haunted) buildings in Arizona. The 1910 Jail sits stoically in between the old Courthouse (now the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts) and a beautifully renovated church. The train tracks nearby add to the nostalgia, but the Sushi and Mexican restaurants and cafes that line the downtown drag bring you back to a place full of energy on the verge of revitalization. Globe is rich with Arizona’s history and is the perfect place to experience all that Arizona was and will forever be.

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Art & Culture (Recommended up to 2)

Eclectic, unique, and inexplicably memorable - the arts and culture community of the Copper Corridor is genuinely authentic. If you find inspiration in the abstract and beauty at the margins, the Copper Corridor offers artistic inspiration around every curve.

This quirky community hub celebrates Copper Corridor culture and its many artists. Visitors are instantly pulled in by the sculpture garden and art work scattered throughout. Stay to enjoy Triangle L Ranch B&B, operated onsite.

Adobe Barn Gallery

Copper Corridor comes alive during this fun community event. Held in October, locals come together for a celebration that mixes a car show, live music, and food. Interact with locals and enjoy a truly welcoming community event. 

Copper Town Days

Starting in September, this 10-acre art experience night. With pathways illuminated by twinkle lights and the moon, each exhibit has been created by an artist (and friend) nearby.  Glow is something you won’t want to miss.


This serene garden is a treasure that covers Oracle in lavender. Escape to this beautiful spot for photos, lavender wreath making, or simply enjoy time with friends and family. View their online calendar before planning your visit.

Life Under the Oaks Lavender Garden

This art gallery in Oracle offers interactive opportunities to engage with art and featured artists. Here, you will find incredible pieces of art in a colorful gallery or the sculpture garden, along with space for artistic expression. 

Oracle Art Station

Take a peek at the artistic talent hiding throughout the  Copper Corridor. Explore pieces that speak to visitors through a variety of mediums. Items just waiting to be discovered range from beautiful paintings to trinkets you can take home.

Oracle Artist Studio Tour

History, Heritage, & Tradition (Recommended up to 4)

The Copper Corridor is heavily rooted in its history and heritage. With an emphasis on mining and a fierce connection to independence, each community along the corridor represents the traditions they hold dear. Experience historic Native American stories, the Old West, and copper to the core as you travel through this region.

The Arcadia Ranch Museum started with a passion for preserving a local, historic building. Now, the museum is full of unique collections including prehistoric artifacts and memorabilia from noteworthy historical figures. 

Acadia Ranch Museum

This San Manuel museum is full of historic pieces that give visitors a full view of this monumental history that shaped the region. Artifacts include a 6,000-year-old arrowhead and a mineral collection that visitors rave about. 

San Manuel Historical Society Museum

Wine & Dine (Recommended up to 4)

If you enjoy tasting fares located off the beaten path, the Copper Corridor dining experience will not disappoint. With locally-owned spots peppered throughout, you’ll wish the journey was a little longer so more meals could be had. From fresh food co-op markets to BBQ and Mexican food, the Copper Corridor serves up meals for tastes of all kinds.

If you are craving delicious Mexican food, stop by the Casa Rivera. Grab a combination plate full of your favorite traditional dishes or stop in for a breakfast burrito or an omelet before starting your day.

Casa Rivera’s Taco Express

Don't let the name scare you, this business offers unique icy treats loaded with all the yummy add-ons. Get a candy-topped snow cone in a wide variety of flavors. Catch this food truck in different communities by following their Facebook.

Dirty Sno

A delicious meal in a great atmosphere. Grab a cocktail from the bar and mingle with a blend of visitors and locals looking for fun. We recommend trying their signature G & J Burro that combines carne asada, french fries, and all the works.

G & J Restaurant Bar & Grill

A community staple, La Casita serves up a variety of Mexican, American, and breakfast items along with the obligatory ice cream cone. With a comfortable seating area and amazing service, you’ll be happy you stopped in.

La Casita

This delightful restaurant offers a variety of delicious items including house specialties like shrimp ceviche or pozole, offering the distinct taste of tradition. Buy empanadas for dessert and get extra - you’ll be happy you did!

Las Michoacanas Restaurant

Bring friends and family along for a tasty meal at Maria’s. Take your pick between delightful Mexican food or tasty comfort food. Try one of their Elote creations during your stop - their Hot Cheeto Elote is exceptional.

Maria’s Cafe

This unassuming restaurant is the perfect spot to enjoy a homemade meal sure to satisfy your Mexican food cravings. Most visitors stop by this Hayden restaurant for a giant burrito after enjoying the day off-roading or enjoying other outdoor adventures. 

Maria’s Mexican Family Restaurant

“Where in the Hell is San Manuel” used to cross the backs of all staff’s t-shirts in this community’s well-known diner. With traditional grilled items like burgers and fries, Mel’s is the locals hang-out and a great stop along the way.

Mel’s Drive-In Restaurant

If on the hunt for a fine dining experience in the Copper Corridor, visit Frank and Angelina for delectable Italian cuisine. They offer menu items to satisfy all your cravings, like calzones, Pesce creations, and of course delicious pizza!

Nonna Maria’s

 Interested in a true locals experience? Look no further than this beloved grocery and deli. The family-owned grocery store will surprise you with its friendly service and quality products.

Norm’s IGA Hometown

This Kearny gem is loved by locals and visitors alike. The popular spot offers delicious pizza while regulars rave about the variety of toppings and flavorful appetizers they come to enjoy again and again.

Old Time Pizza

Their fresh menu is a delight and will help recharge you on your journey. If you are looking for something truly memorable, try one of their pies (they even offer gluten-free), so there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Oracle Patio Cafe and Market

This mining-inspired tavern is a great place to savor your favorite Arizona brews and enjoy the company of friends, family, and locals. Enhance your visit with a game of giant Jenga, ping pong, washers, or horseshoes!

Ore House Hilltop Tavern

Nothing completes an adventurous trip like a filling and tasty meal. This restaurant offers some of the best burgers in town while offering an incredible view of the Copper Corridor and the brave souls zip-lining through it.

Peppersauce Station Kitchen

The atmosphere blends an elegant vibe with rustic and eclectic decor. Drink a few beers brewed in-house and order menu items made with locally sourced ingredients for a unique dining experience.

Ranch House Grill and Brewery

It is no secret that #RuralAZ hides some of the best Mexican food in the state, and this spot is no exception. Order a delicious classic like Sonoran Dogs and Menudo and take home the traditional pan dulce to complete the experience.

Tortillas Mi Pueblito

Outdoor Sports & Recreation (Recommended up to 2)

Trailheads throughout the region provide a multitude of recreational activities for anyone on two wheels, four wheels, or four hooves. Jump on a motorcycle for one of the most scenic rides in the state, or latch on to the Arizona Zipline for an adventure close to home.

9,410 acres of untouched beauty just waiting to be explored. This pristine wilderness is surrounded by towering cliffs and flowing water. Be sure to grab a permit for the opportunity to go hiking or camping in this Arizona treasure.

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness

The Copper Corridor is home to beautiful sections of the renowned Arizona Trail. Take the opportunity to explore different trails and sights scattered throughout the trail as you also explore the surrounding communities. Check out the Arizona Trail website for an overview of the trail and the approved activities to enjoy. 

Arizona Trail

Adventure hides around every corner in the Copper Corridor, and this zipline is no exception! What was originally a cattle ranch has been transformed into a unique experience from the sky tucked into the breathtaking scenery of Mt. Lemon. 

Arizona Zipline Adventures

This fun yet educational Oracle institution is an incredible place to visit for lifelong learners. The staff will guide you through a tour of the facility to gain an understanding of living systems and our planet's role in the universe. 

Biosphere 2

Mammoth and San Manuel are the entrance to the Galiuro Mountains with over 75,000 acres covered in oak, pine, and maple trees. Although difficult to navigate, this area provides the perfect opportunity for solitude in the wilderness.  

Galiuro Mountains

This public golf course in Kearny has been operating since 1961 and always provides guests with an enjoyable golfing experience. Print out your scorecard before your outdoor outing on the 9-hole golf course.

Kearny Golf Course

Copper Corridor travelers that enjoy fishing should check out this local treasure for a relaxing and peaceful escape. Grab your fishing essentials before heading out to spend the day on the lake catching some Largemouth Bass. 

Kearny Lake

The San Pedro River is the last major riparian ecosystem in southern AZ. It is the most important north-south migratory bird flyway within Arizona and harbors one of the richest fish, reptile, amphibian, and mammalian habitats in the nation.

Lower San Pedro Watershed

Explore the Copper Corridor in the Mescal Mountains. Venture through the expansive terrain in areas ideal for novices and trails for experienced riders looking for a challenge. Prepare for your OHV adventure and unwind in nearby Kearny.

Mescal Mountains OHV Area

This stunning state park is a great place to experience the outdoor beauty of the Copper Corridor. Come to unplug and explore the 4,000 acres of Catalina Mountains on a scenic hike, mountain bike ride, or a Southwest stargazing session. 

Oracle State Park

If you are seeking a thrilling adventure in Oracle, check out Tucson Adventure Rentals. They offer a number of rental ATVs and all the parts needed for your own outdoor toys. Book online or stop in before your off-road adventure.

Tucson Adventure Rentals

Local Lodging (Recommended up to 6)

If you’ve decided to extend your journey through the Copper Corridor overnight, you are highly likely to be camping or enjoying the great outdoors in an RV. If that is not the case, however, you will find memorable and unique lodging experiences that you’ll want to replicate time and time again.

Enhance your Copper Corridor visit with a stay at this elegant and charming inn. With unique lodging options, a poolside escape, and farm-to-table meals, this inn always delivers a pleasant experience. 

Aravaipa Farms Orchard & Inn

Arizona Zipline Adventure is definitely a staple in Copper Corridor businesses. They offer an affordable stay for anyone looking to camp in the Sonoran Desert Scenery before continuing on a fun and thrilling excursion. 

Camping at AZA

Copper Corridor explorers looking to get away or accommodate large groups should book a stay at El Rancho Robles. Enjoy night sky views by the campfire or breezy early mornings in this peaceful desert gem. 

El Rancho Robles

This locally owned inn is a wonderful lodging option for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the Copper Corridor. The humble yet inviting motel provides guests with a peaceful and relaxing escape along with room to enjoy visiting with others.

General Kearny Inn

Any guest looking for a novelty Old West-inspired stay should definitely consider this National Historic Site near the Buffalo Bill Cody gold mine. Book a stay in the casita for a stay full of history, incredible views, and hospitality. 

High Jinks Ranch

Nothing makes a Copper Corridor trip quite like staying the night in a quiet, peaceful, and charming cottage in the desert. Guests can immerse themselves in Oracle culture by experiencing an extended stay in this influential artistic ranch. 

Triangle L Ranch

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