Found in the heart of the Arizona desert, Holbrook is a unique blend of natural beauty, a blast from the past, and good ol’ Americana charm.

Holbrook is the gateway to the captivating Petrified Forest National Park, where you can explore paleontological wonders at the Rainbow Forest Museum or take a hike through the Painted Desert Rim Trail.

Discover Holbrook’s rich past on a historic walking tour where you’ll get a firsthand look at Bucket of Blood Street, the site of the legendary Owens-Blevins shootout. Don’t forget to stop by the historic courthouse for its artifact collection and a visit with the Navajo County Historical Society.

Cruise along famous Route 66, stopping by one-of-a-kind local eateries and quirky roadside attractions like the Painted Desert Indian Center and Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Co., where you’ll be welcomed by the large dinosaur statues.

All kinds of adventure is within arm’s reach in Holbrook!

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Arts & Culture (Recommended up to 2)

From live performances of Native American dances to movie showings at the only operating theater on Route 66, Holbrook provides the opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity and wonder.

Immerse yourself in a world of culture at the George Gardner Performing Arts Center, where you can catch captivating performances by local groups.

George Gardner Performing Arts Center

Illuminate your night at Holbrook's Annual Parade of Lights, a dazzling spectacle where the town sparkles with holiday cheer.

Holbrook Annual Parade of Lights

Looking for a cozy spot to dive into some new reads or catch a local class? Look no further than the Holbrook Public Library and its busy event calendar.

Holbrook Public Library

Spend a summer evening with Holbrook’s Summer Dance Groups, where performers of all ages grace the town with Native American dances. 

Holbrook Summer Dance Groups

Enjoy one of the latest films at the historic Roxy Theater, the last operating theater along Route 66 in Arizona.

Roxy Theater

History, Heritage, & Tradition (Recommended up to 4)

Holbrook is a living testament to its rich history, proudly preserving its heritage and traditions. Walk through time as you explore historic sites, museums, and landmarks that narrate the tales of those who shaped the town. Immerse yourself in the captivating stories woven into the very fabric of Holbrook.

The Old West comes to life along Bucket of Blood Street, the site of a gunfight where legend has it enough blood to, yep, fill a bucket drenched the floor.

Bucket of Blood Street

Every year, the spirit of the Wild West is reignited at this event, the oldest officially sanctioned Pony Express in the world. The thrilling reenactment of the iconic mail delivery system starts in historic Holbrook.

Hashknife Pony Express Event

Explore the hallowed grounds of Holbrook Cemetery, a place where stories of the past rest peacefully.

Holbrook Cemetery

Get details on this self-guided tour at the Navajo County Historic Courthouse Museum. Walk through streets with a storied past, from the Old West tales to nostalgic Route 66 adventures.

Holbrook Historic Walking Tour

The rich heritage of the county's peoples, including settlers, ranchers, homemakers, and mercantile proprietors, is told through exhibits and artifacts at this special museum.

Navajo County Historic Courthouse Museum

Saddle up for excitement at Old West Fest, a celebration that transports you to the days of saloons, showdowns, and the untamed spirit of the frontier. Enjoy food trucks, reenactments, junior rodeo and so much more.

Old West Fest Event

Marvel at the architectural wonder that is the Painted Desert Inn, a national historic landmark nestled in the heart of the awe-inspiring Painted Desert. The 1930s adobe facade houses historical displays and restored murals by a Hopi artist.

Painted Desert Inn - National Historic Landmark

Seeking natural history sights? Don’t miss the Rainbow Forest Museum’s vibrant hues of petrified wood and paleontological exhibits of prehistoric animals. Plus you’ll find the access point to the Giant Logs trail here.

Rainbow Forest Museum

Wine & Dine (Recommended up to 4)

Savor the flavors of Holbrook, where culinary craftsmanship meets local charm. From cozy cafes to rustic diners, the town is a foodie’s haven. Indulge in delectable dishes and handcrafted drinks, each taste a celebration of the region's unique culinary identity.

Savor the vibrant flavors of Mexico at Alibertos, the family-owned and operated eatery with a drive-through for those who are headed back on the road.

Aliberto's Mexican Food

Pick up a bottle of handmade sake from the only Gold Medal winner in Tokyo’s 2018 Sake Competition for sake made outside of Japan.

Arizona Sake

Enjoy family dining from sunrise to sunset and take your pick from classic breakfast staples to options straight from the smoker.

Bienvenidos Restaurant

Indulge in the finest cuts and a rustic ambiance at Butterfield Stage Co, where every meal is a journey into the heart of the Old West.

Butterfield Stage Co Steak House

Camaleon is just the spot for those looking for a hearty Mexican meal right off the I-40 after a visit to the Petrified Forest.


Experience a modern interpretation of classic Chinese dishes while dining in or getting takeout from China Buffet.

China Buffet

Grub on the delicious variety of hot dogs, sandwiches, and gyros at Colonel Mustard Hot Dogs, located at the historic Richfield Service Station.

Colonel Mustard Hot Dogs

El Rancho offers a taste of the Southwest, where you can find classic Mexican dishes to fill you up.

El Rancho Restaurant

Step back in time when you grab a drink at this historic western saloon on Route 66.

Empty Pockets Saloon

Check out one of the chef’s specialties or go in family style as you delight in Mandarin Beauty’s delicious Chinese cuisine.

Mandarin Beauty Restaurant

Cheers to a winning combination of Italian cuisine and sports excitement at Mesa Italiana, your go-to destination for a satisfying meal and a thrilling game.

Mesa Italiana Restaurant and Sports Bar

Mr. Maestas Cafe is just the spot for a hearty traditional meal. Take the time to look around at all the antiques on your way out!

Mr. Maestas Cafe

Looking for a spot where all the locals dine? Look no further than Romo's Cafe, a family-owned Mexican restaurant featured in Arizona Highways for its “zesty green chile.”

Romo's Cafe

Follow the aroma of authentic Mexican flavors to Romo's Food Truck, where on-the-go doesn't mean compromising on taste. Best known for their tacos, this truck is a local favorite!

Romo’s Mexican Grill Food Truck

Studio 66 Cafe is a hidden gem — whether you’re looking for a latte, tasty food and baked goods, or that perfect “selfie” backdrop, this locally owned spot has it all!

Studio 66 Cafe

Don’t be shocked when you find your new favorite meal next to a truck stop! You can try the classics like butter chicken or expand your knowledge of Indian cuisine at Swaad Stop.

Swaad Stop

Tom & Suzie's Diner is a timeless destination for classic American comfort food, where friendly service and familiar flavors always feel like home.

Tom & Suzie's Diner

Spend Wayside Wednesdays at this local stop where nostalgic charm abounds. Stop in for a Route 66 Special Burger, a taco salad or, of course, a soda!

Wayside Soda Shop

Unique Shopping (Recommended up to 4)

For those seeking one-of-a-kind treasures to bring home, Holbrook's shopping scene is a treasure trove of unique finds. From artisan boutiques to quirky shops, each storefront tells a story. Take a stroll through the streets and discover a world of craftsmanship and creativity.

Explore the vibrant array of treasures at Desert Rainbow Novelty, a haven of unique souvenirs and gifts that capture the spirit and colors of the Arizona desert.

Desert Rainbow Novelty

Discover Native American heritage and craftsmanship at Geronimo Trading Post, where a vast array of indigenous crafts, jewelry, and artifacts are on display.

Geronimo Trading Post

Journey through time at Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Co, a geological wonderland where ancient wood is transformed into stunning works of art and timeless keepsakes.

Jim Gray’s Petrified Wood Co

Discover the artistry of Native American craftsmanship at Painted Desert Indian Center, a cultural emporium showcasing authentic handmade jewelry, pottery, and textiles.

Painted Desert Indian Center

Experience a delightful blend of creativity and caffeine at Pat's House of Originals/Thanks A Latte, where amusing and artisanal gifts and a cozy coffee corner create a one-stop shop for travelers.

Pat’s House of Originals/Thanks A Latte

For a unique and eclectic shopping experience, explore Puff-N-Stuff Plus, a local shop for all your novelty needs. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee while you browse!

Puff-N-Stuff Plus

Step into the charm of yesteryear at The Holbrook Mercantile, a nostalgic destination offering a curated selection of Western wear that will outfit you perfectly for your visit to Holbrook.

The Holbrook Mercantile

Quilt enthusiasts will find paradise at The Quilt Shop, where bolts of fabric and creative inspiration abound, inviting crafters to indulge in the world of quilting.

The Quilt Shop

Unearth the beauty of nature's creations at The Rainbow Rock Shop, where a kaleidoscope of gemstones and minerals beckon, promising a journey of geological marvels and vibrant hues.

The Rainbow Rock Shop

Outdoor Sports & Recreation (Recommended up to 2)

Adventure awaits in the rugged beauty of Holbrook's outdoor playground. Whether you're an avid hiker, a nature enthusiast, or a skater seeking your next park to conquer, Holbrook has something for everyone. Get ready to explore and make memories under the open skies.

Tee off at Hidden Cove Golf Course, where lush greens meet the desert’s scenic landscapes for a golfing experience like no other.

Hidden Cove Golf Course

Explore stories uniquely expressed in rock art or glimpse one of the 200 bird species in the area at Hidden Cove Petroglyph Park.

Hidden Cove Petroglyph Park

Holbrook Hunt Park is the perfect mix of relaxation and recreation, offering green spaces, playgrounds, and picnic areas for families to enjoy the outdoors.

Holbrook Hunt Park

Find your new summertime spot to cool off and make a splash at the Holbrook Splash Pad!

Holbrook Splash Pad

Pick up a new sport at Nizhoni Disc Golf Course, set against a stunning Arizona backdrop and challenging players of all levels.

Nizhoni Disc Golf Course

Start your adventure at the Painted Desert Visitor Center, where trained paleontologists will help you find one-of-a-kind fossils and provide all the information you need to get on the trails.

Painted Desert Visitor Center

Immerse yourself in the prehistoric wonders of the Petrified Forest National Park, where ancient wood and vibrant badlands create an unforgettable landscape.

Petrified Forest National Park

For skateboard enthusiasts, Spencer Karol Memorial Skate Park is the place to find ramps, rails, and lighting for skating under the night sky.

Spencer Karol Memorial Skate Park

Local Lodging (Recommended up to 2)

Holbrook provides more than just a place to stay, each lodging option is the gateway to a genuine experience. Whether you prefer the charm of a kooky inn or the comfort of a bed and breakfast, Holbrook welcomes you to unwind and recharge in style.

Craving an authentic experience right on the Mother Road? Brad’s Desert Inn provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in Route 66 all while providing world-class customer service.

Brad’s Desert Inn

Experience the Western flair of the Bunkhouse, where cowboys bunked in the 1940s when the property was a working ranch. Rustic charm and comfortable stays abound!


Find your base camp for adventure at the Gateway to the Petrified Forest RV Park, a convenient haven for travelers eager to explore the natural wonders of the park.

Gateway to the Petrified Forest RV Park

Park your worries and enjoy a relaxing stay at OK RV Park, where comfort and convenience meet, providing a well-equipped haven for RV enthusiasts passing through Holbrook. Pets welcome!

OK RV Park

The Bird's Nest offers a cozy retreat with a bird’s eye view of the Town of Holbrook, providing a comfortable haven for travelers seeking a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Bird’s Nest

Indulge in a stay at The White Buffalo Casita, a fully stocked apartment for travelers needing a home base as they explore Holbrook.

The White Buffalo Casita

Step back in time and experience the nostalgia of the iconic Wigwam Motel, where classic Route 66 hospitality meets quirky charm, offering a one-of-a-kind lodging experience in Holbrook.

Wigwam Motel

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