Round Valley

Like a cool breeze ruffling the edges of a red and white checkered tablecloth, the rolling fields of Round Valley whisper a secret one may not be likely to believe when passing through...“This is Arizona.” The sound of an elk bugling in the distance and the commanding presence of the surrounding White Mountains offer a stark contrast to the arid landscape, thorned cacti, and intense heat for which Arizona is famously known.  

Round Valley comprises multiple communities, connected not only geographically but by traditional values, a commitment to faith and family, and a passion for living closer to the Earth. Touting unlimited recreation including world-class hunting, fishing, equestrian activities, photography, and everything from jet to snow skiing, this region of Arizona is the best place to truly connect to the outdoors.  

Round Valley is a region proud of its heritage, with a rich agricultural and ranching history that can be explored when visiting the Springerville Heritage Center. Take a step back in time and visit Arizona’s oldest movie theater, El Rio, attend one of Arizona’s oldest rodeos, or simply enjoy a slow-paced stroll through the community where it is not uncommon to see wildlife roaming along the quiet streets. If peace is what you seek, Round Valley offers it in abundance; matched only by the friendliness of the community and an authentic connection to place and to each other.

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Art & Culture (Recommended up to 2)

With awe-inspiring scenic views and breathtaking landscapes, Round Valley has quickly become a photographer’s dream. Photography isn’t the only arts and culture movement that has taken shape in Round Valley, however. This budding artisan community has little mini-galleries hidden throughout small businesses across town. Discover what many have already decided to become a part of with Round Valley arts and culture.

While the original nostalgia is still present today at Arizona’s oldest theater, experience new movies in an old-fashioned environment, complete with popcorn served from a machine that has been used since the theater’s opening in 1915.

El Rio Theater

This unique art collection is housed in the Springerville Heritage Center and belonged to Renee Scharf Cushman. Explore pieces acquired throughout her travels, gifts from wealthy husbands, and pieces inherited after her father passed away. 

Renee Cushman Cushman Art Collection Museum

This unique destination is a great place to explore the wonder of paleontology. Bring the family along for an informative experience about dinosaurs that once roamed the planet. Enjoy a day of exploration with passionate and excited employees. 

White Mountain Dinosaur Exploration Center

History, Heritage, & Tradition (Recommended up to 4)

Round Valley is proud of its heritage and has preserved this history in a variety of fascinating museums throughout the community. Discover what it once meant to truly be a pioneer, and understand where the values that make Round Valley so memorable originated from so many years past.

This unique area offers an inside look into the region's historical habitants. Schedule a guided tour to get in-depth information about the site, learn about the astronomical calendar, a great kiva, ancient stairways, and more.

Casa Malpais Archaeological Site

Springerville is home to one of the 12 Madonna of the Trail statues scattered throughout the nation that represents the spirit of pioneer women and offers a unique glimpse into their lives and the obstacles they had to overcome. 

Madonna of the Trail

The Springerville Heritage Center features four museums: Casa Malpais Archaeological Museum, The Renee Cushman Museum, and the Becker Family History Museum, and the White Mountain Historical Society Museum. Be sure to visit them all!

Springerville Heritage Center

One of this community’s most charming qualities is its ability to preserve history and tell stories of the area. The White Mountain Historical Society offers a combination of knowledge, belongings, artifacts, pictures, and buildings.

White Mountain Historical Park

Wine & Dine (Recommended up to 4)

In a place where family values and community connection supersede all else, it is easy to enjoy home-style meals at a variety of family-owned restaurants and local haunts. No matter where you decide to get your next meal, you are guaranteed to find restaurateurs that are dedicated to building their community by providing unsurpassed service and quality.

If you are a fan of Mexican food, this Eagar restaurant is sure to be a treat. Their menu is huge and offers options that are each as delicious as the next. Stop in for breakfast and grab a breakfast burrito, then again for lunch or dinner.

Aliberto’s Mexican Food

This family-owned business is dedicated to delivering a great experience to visitors from all over Arizona to try their BBQ Smokehouse goodies. They offer an ambiance that encourages community gatherings, conversation, and memories shared. 

The Gateway

This one-of-a-kind hotspot offers so much more than just a great place to eat. They tout delicious cocktails that pair perfectly with their mouth-watering tacos. Looking for a lighter meal? Try one of their locally-sourced salads.

Booga Red’s Restaurant

At this unique cafe, you can count on a selection of tasty pastries and coffee. While you wait for your latte, don’t forget to shop in their boutique and antique shop. Also do yourself a favor and grab one of their famous giant cookies. 

Junk and Java

Stop here for delicious daily lunch specials or a late dinner and a drink with your family and friends. Drop-in for a laid-back environment paired with a delicious meal and great service. 

Safire Restaurant

This cozy restaurant is sure to leave you satisfied and content. On top of great food, locals and visitors agree that great service is what takes this place to the next level. Their menu has plenty of options for everyone!

Trail Riders Restaurant

Outdoor Sports & Recreation (Recommended up to 2)

The peacefulness of Round Valley makes it pleasant not only for residents but also for the wildlife that calls this place home. In the outdoors, it is not uncommon to discover a multitude of wildlife habitats, along with unique sights like the volcanic field and petrified forest, and recreation on a variety of local lakes.

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest sits just outside of Eagar and offers an escape for residents and visitors alike. Hike, camp, bike, take in the scenery, explore wildlife habitats and maybe spot some of the region’s world-class elk. 

Apache Sitgreaves National Forest

Just two miles northwest in the Arizona White Mountains, this area boasts a variety of habitats in the surrounding region including a stream, riparian, lake, and grassland. Go boating, fishing, or experience the beauty of the outdoors. 

Becker Lake Wildlife Area

There is no place quite like the Petrified Forest. From taking a backcountry hike into newly opened areas of the park, to visiting the Paleontology Lab to observe fossil specimens, you can count on the visit being a delight.

Petrified Forest National Monument

(SWMWA) offers a haven for hiking enthusiasts and wildlife and nature lovers. Choose from a variety of hiking trails ranging from accessible to moderate; each hike leads to wildlife-viewing points or unique sights.

Sipe White Mountain Wilderness Area

Local Lodging (Recommended up to 1)

Built in 1949, Reed's Motor Lodge stands as a preserved relic of retro allure. The original motor lodge rooms are adorned with knotty pine from the Apache National Forest. From the inviting lobby to the relaxed game room, each corner envelops visitors in a comforting and nostalgic ambiance.

Reed's Motor Lodge

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