The Eagles may have put Winslow on the map with their hit song “Take it Easy”, but it is the community of Winslow that makes this special place a destination today. Located along historic Route 66, this once “sleepy town” - silenced by the I-40 bypass - has been re-awakened with new energy from locals with a new sense of purpose. 

Heading towards Winslow from Southern Arizona, you will pass Clear Creek Reservoir - one of Arizona’s best kept secrets - a waterway that snakes through the rocky high desert landscape, and that has been enjoyed by locals for years. Upon arrival, the mellow tones of Tommy Dukes or the rhythmic beat of Native American drums will draw you into the heart of downtown Winslow where a giant two-story murals encourage people from all around the world to “stand on the corner.” Surrounding breweries, restaurants and shops occupy once-vacant buildings that have been tastefully updated and cleverly named after regional landmarks.

Beyond the key role, music plays in the community, rich, deep-seated culture and a safe, family feel radiate throughout the entire town. Located just south of the Navajo Indian Reservation and to the west of Homolovi State Park (a cultural hub for the Hopi community), Winslow is surrounded by centuries of history that the community both embodies and embraces to this day.  

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Art & Culture (Recommended up to 2)

Downtown Winslow is home to businesses that invite guests to learn and celebrate the culture of the area and Historic Route 66 corridor. World-famous landmarks and galleries draw locals and visitors from all over the world to share an experience that showcases everything that makes this community so unique and special.

It wouldn’t be a Route 66 road trip if you didn’t hit this shop! With tons of ‘Take it Easy’ gear, ice cream, and locally made products, it’s the perfect place to explore with friends and family. Mingle with locals and shop their fun collection.

Arizona 66 Trading Company

This hotel embodies history and elegance. Guests compare their stay to staying in an actual museum. Discover a seamless blend of arts, culture, and history. The hotel was designed to feel like a world-class Southwestern getaway. 

La Posada

Formerly the location of Babbitt Brother’s Mercantile, this gallery is now home to the Lutzick family. Check out their permanent art display ‘Snowdrift Art Space: 100 Years of History’. This unique gallery is open by appointment only!

Snowdrift Art Space

People discover Winslow by driving by and being drawn to vibrant sights; this inspired Jackson Browne to write the Eagle’s song ‘Take It Easy’. The cultural landmark is preserved by locals; it even inspired a park in the town’s heart.

Standing on the Corner Park

This nonprofit located in the La Posada Hotel celebrates Winslow culture and the nearby communities. Through art installations, community programs, and special events; this is the place to get a taste of the Route 66 inspired community. 

Winslow Art Trust

History, Heritage, & Tradition (Recommended up to 4)

History, heritage and tradition are what make Winslow so special. Winslow got it's start as a Santa Fe railroad town that helped transport goods which has heavily influenced it's modern culture. The town has two districts, four individual structures and one archaeological site listed in the National Register of Historic Places. These historic sites and preserved spaces offer guests a glimpse into the history of the region, and an understanding of Winslow as it stands today.

This memorial is dedicated to the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. This memorial features beams from the actual wreckage of the towers.

9-11 Memorial Garden

Enjoy the five-block-long winding walkway with historic and cultural installations highlighting the City of Winslow’s diverse lifestyle. The installations highlight the railroad, Route 66, art cars, Native American culture, ranching, and more.

First Street Pathway Park

This historical park offers breathtaking views along four hiking trails and features archaeological sites dating back to 620 A.D. It was named by the Hopi as “Place of the Little Hills”, and represents a significant ancestral monument.

Homolovi State Park

This museum offers free exhibits and public programs for visitors and residents. Enjoy the opportunity to get a full view of regional history and learn about the Santa Fe Railway, Route 66, and  local culture through a series of exhibits. 

Old Trails Museum

Looking for an in-depth and personalized experience? Look no further. Brantley Baird, your guide and ranch extraordinaire will show you around this remarkable spot. Explore historic petroglyphs, and  pottery while learning about the region.

Rock Art Canyon Ranch

Any history lover wanting to take a deep dive into Winslow, Route 66, or Southwest history must visit the Winslow Public Library. They feature expansive collections, informative resources, and offer various community events.   

Winslow Public Library

Once a famous trading post, this historic building now serves as a visitor center on weekdays where you can stop by and meet a friendly group that can help you find what you’re looking for!

Winslow Visitor Center & Historic Hubble Trading Post

Look closely, or you'll miss it! Make sure to make a pit stop by the smallest church on Route 66, also known as Tiny Church of the Mother Road, in Skylark Courtyard on your stroll through Main Street.

World's Smallest Church

Wine & Dine (Recommended up to 4)

With many restaurant names inspired by the history or relative location of Winslow, one might expect to see some of that local flair on the menu. In this case, you get what you expect! Eateries feature fresh-grown produce (have you ever tasted a Winslow tomato?) and locally sourced items that are featured on daily menus. You are sure to experience the most authentic Arizona when dining in Winslow.

Not too sure about what to expect from a place named Brown Mug? Here’s the rundown. This place is a true ‘hole in the wall’, where the Mexican food is unbelievably delicious. Stop here if you’re looking for a pleasant meal/surprise.     

Brown Mug Cafe

You can't miss a delicious meal at the oldest running restaurant in Winslow. For 72 years, the Falcon Restaurant & Lounge has been serving quality food to tourists and locals alike.

Falcon Restaurant & Lounge

Flatbed Ford Cafe owners Ibarra and Martinez have nailed the dining experience with different breakfast and lunch specials daily! Don't miss out on their delicious huevos rancheros and their Flatbed burrito!

Flatbed Ford

This quaint, authentic, Mexican restaurant makes everyone feel at home and keeps visitors dreaming about their next trip/meal. With perfectly large portions and friendly service - Mi Pueblo satisfies every hungry visitor that wanders in. 

Mi Pueblo

This locally loved spot offers coffee made from their own beans roasted in house. However, no coffee shop would be complete without a perfect cafe menu! They offer delicious breakfast, lunch, ice cream, jumbo cinnamon rolls, and more. 

Mojo Coffee

Experience small-town charm and a sense of community with this local farmer’s market. Join an array of vendors, artisans, food producers, and locals while shopping local goods. Be sure to check their social media pages to stay up to date!

Mother Road Farmer’s Market

Nothing tops the experience of spending time with friends and family at a low-key #RuralAZ bar, pub, or brewery. Check out their expansive list of appetizers and don't forget to order one of their favorites!

Relic Road Brewing Company

The Sip Shoppe is known for their sweet and creative creations. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian Sodas, craving Ice Cream, savory fare, or an actual meal before diving into dessert- they’ve got you covered!

Sip Shoppe

From chili fries to taco tangles, This is a perfect stop during your Route 66 adventure. Their chili is so loved by travelers and locals that they constantly sell out! If you’re lucky enough to grab some, just know you’re in for a treat. 

The Root Beer Stand

This restaurant offers a seamless blend of Route 66 flair, Arizona history, and an exquisite fine-dining experience. Visitors and locals rave about specialty menu items, such as the Wild Game Sampler and the Maine Lobster Ravioli.

Turquoise Room

Outdoor Sports & Recreation (Recommended up to 2)

Winslow is surrounded by a blend of historical sites and activities that make it the perfect place to discover something new while getting your steps in! From hiking trails and water sports to venturing to lookout points in order to capture a glimpse of the world-famous Meteor Crater, there is something for everyone to discover in Winslow.

Don’t have a kayak or a SUP board? This local business has you covered. Rent some fun water equipment to enhance your trip to Winslow’s Clear Creek. Check out their website for more information when planning your trip. 

Clear Creek Rentals

This historical park offers breathtaking views along four hiking trails and features archaeological sites dating back to 620 A.D. It was named by the Hopi as “Place of the Little Hills”, and represents a significant ancestral monument.

Homolovi State Park

During your Winslow adventure, make a stop by Jack's canyon where you can overlook the canyon bustling with native plants and critters. You can camp, hike, or just be entranced by the stunning backdrop.

Jacks Canyon

Looking for a perfect view of the Painted Desert? This is your spot! While it might be slightly off the beaten path, it offers incredible views of this monumental sight.

Little Painted Desert County Park

Clear Creek is a true oasis for outdoor enthusiasts looking to kayak, swim, and enjoy the serene spot. Pack a picnic from a local eatery and spend the day exploring one of the Winslow community’s favorite treasures. 

McHood Park Clear Creek Reservoir

Winslow is perfectly located near the Meteor Crater.  Not only will visitors love checking out the incredibly preserved site, but also can also have an educational 4D theater experience at Meteor Crater Discovery Center.

Meteor Crater

Nestled between Navajo and Apache County, your trip isn't complete without stopping by Petrified Forest National Park. Be awestruck by the unique views of petrified wood, an ancient village, and petroglyphs as you journey through the park that hosts evidence of thousands of years of history.

Petrified Forest National Park

Local Lodging (Recommended up to 2)

Winslow has it all, things to do, places to eat, corners to stand on, and of course places to stay. A visit to Clear Creek, hitting local art galleries, and supporting small businesses might take a few days. So its needless to say that you might be on the lookout for a locally owned lodging spot to enhance your stay; here are some options to check out for your Winslow getaway.

Those looking for a 50's or 60's themed stay with recent updates should stop by the Delta Motel. After a day of exploring Winslow and Route 66, you'll feel relaxed in a cozy motel like this one!

Delta Motel

A staple since 1928, Earl's Motor Court has been around since Route 66 was built. This charming motel stays true to the retro feel and is a must-stay for traveler's on a Route 66 road trip!

Earl’s Motor Court

This hotel embodies history and elegance. Guests compare their stay to staying in an actual museum. Discover a seamless blend of arts, culture, and history. The hotel was designed to feel like a world-class Southwestern getaway. 

La Posada

This quaint and historic stay is both decadent and laidback. Previous guests love the Victorian style and vintage furnishings. If you love the bed & breakfast experience, book this stay!

Violet Rose

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