Mescal Bar & Grill

Locals love their food and their fun, so they absolutely love this spot! With fun events like Bloody Mary Contests and your classic live music and brews, order some delicious food, treat yourself to a margarita slush, and enjoy the live music!

Benson Donuts

Benson Donuts is loved by community members and travelers alike, their donuts are the ultimate road trip snack and a great way to start your day in the community. Their fresh donuts paired with coffee will keep you coming back for more.

Arena Bar

The local rodeo grounds are home to one of the best spots in town. Arena Bar is a great place to grab meals, drinks, and check out community events. View some roping, hit the local swap meet, or stop in for some karaoke fun and cowboy atmosphere.

Old Benson Ice Cream Shop

Who knew Benson was home to every soft serve ice cream lover’s dream come true? With over 50 flavors available, all the classic desserts like sundaes and banana split, and the friendliest service around, the memories made here are sure to be sweet! 

Arizona Co-op Market Cochise-Benson

This group can often be found where the food is, they’ve partnered with the local swap meet to put on a farmer’s market. Food producers in the area should connect with this local organization to get involved in the Benson food scene.